Unique solution for animal grazing just as pastors used to do.

For a person to be healthy, being in the sun, having healthy eating habits is essential. The same applies to animals. Herbivores enjoy most grazing in the sunny pasture. Only healthy animals give healthy milk and meat.

Facing the sustainable development challenges of the XXI century
in harmony with nature


An increased population leads to increased needs for resources, such as healthy, organic food and clean water. Due to population migrations, there is a lack of human resources in villages. Agriculture and animal husbandry have become endangered industries. How can we make it better, and at the same time, meet the demands of the 21st century? The key is automation.

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RoboShepherd benefits

Robo Shepherd benefits

Extensive over intensive husbandry

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Extensive husbandry

Range-free grass-finished organic product. The most nutritious and nutrient-dense and healthiest product. Antibiotic-free, no added hormones. Omega-6 to omega-3 fat ratio of about 1:2.
Intenzivno stočarstvo roboshepherd

Intensive husbandry

Factory-farmed grain-fed product. The low nutrient density. Raised with antibiotics and growth hormones. Omega-6 to omega-3 fat ratio of about 1:30.

RoboShepherd - Automated animal husbandry and grazing system

High-quality grass-finished product

Choosing extensive over intensive husbandry will guarantee better grazing management, resulting in a healthy, more nutrient-dense product that will easily find its way to the food industry.



Grass-finished, humanly treated animals, are directly linked to high-quality organic, more valued products. There are no additional expenses for growth hormones and antibiotics as opposed to the grain-feed regime.

Ecologically Acceptable

RoboShepherd technology will manage the relationship between soil, plants, animals, and the various cycles of carbon, and other gases, water, and nutrients. It will keep the natural balance, preserve the ecosystems, lower the carbon footprint, and prevent the process of desertification.


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